Sunday, October 23, 2016

Welcome to the Next Revolution

Hello everyone! Welcome, all of you. :)

I know it's pretty late to be writing a blog post, but recent developments have literally left me too excited to sleep.

As some of you may already know, the state that I helped create- Rockia- has officially joined the Treaty of Buffalo, becoming a signatory nation on October 19. While many of my followers have applauded our nation getting the international recognition it deserves, there are still a few people who have expressed doubts or downright dismay at the development, surprised that we would associate ourselves with "establishment" types who signed the Treaty. It is those doubts that I wish to assuage today.

First, I would like to state that signing the Treaty means that we in no way are giving up our principles. We fully intend on fighting the Doves and continue to hold them accountable for their attempts to suppress and marginalize us, and that does not change because we signed the Treaty.

In fact, it helps us.

You see, friends, you need to understand the revolution that we are undertaking is not just a local one, but a global one. We cannot be contend with simply establishing our revolution within the Interior Plains- no, for our revolution to work, it must expand.

We cannot just be a "Plains people".

We cannot just be a Columbian people.

We cannot, even, just be a North American people.

No, we MUST be a world people, and the only way we do that is by signing the Treaty.

By signing the Treaty, it allows us to establish relations with other nations, giving us access benefits that we could only dream of getting on our own.

More importantly, it gives us relevance. By signing the Treaty, it has forced the world to accept our existence and work with us, which allows us to work our influence and begin the long, arduous task to get them to change. You may already know the saying that in order to have an opportunity, one must be able to open the door to get to it, and that is what we are doing here. Signing the Treaty allows us to send diplomats to other countries, as well as to more easily set up economic partnerships that can be to our benefit. Most importantly, it forces the world to understand that we, as a people, exist and that we have a voice, one that demands to be heard.

...and if there's one thing we cannot afford, it's not being heard. Because change cannot happen if our voices are continually shut out.

If that isn't enough to assure you, my brethren, then consider this:

-How many times has a dove come to you and said that whatever you were upset over "isn't worth it" and that "you are too sensitive"?
-How many times has a dove tried to make you conform to their arbitrary rules and standards, and told you to "take it" because "you don't have a choice"?
-How many times has a dove told you that you are inferior, and that you should "accept it" because "that's the way it is"?
-How many times has a dove come to you and assert that, simply because of who you are, that you will never amount to anything?
-How many times have doves told you that the world is not worth changing because "we're just fine the way it is"?

Well, you know we're not fine, and that there are many other people who share Rockian views who are being oppressed right now...and if you want any of that to change, and if you want the world to recognize that we need that change...then we needed to sign the Treaty.

That's all for now. In the coming days, I'll outline the Rockian plan to expand our influence across North America, starting with those "faux liberals" in Canada who believe they're so "fair and accepting" when they're the worst offenders of our oppression. If we can change them, we can change anyone.

Keep pooping my friends, and welcome to the Second American Revolution.

-Thomas Bighill

For more information on global events, check out these news sources:

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